If you use part of your home to conduct your trade or business, you might be able to deduct certain related expenses. To qualify for the home office deduction, you must pass certain tests. You must use part of your home regularly and exclusively for your trade or business. Exclusive use means that this space […]


March 28, 2023

Deductible Home Office Expenses


Estimated Read Time: 3 minutes One silver lining in the current bear market is that this could be an excellent time to convert assets from a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA. Converted assets are subject to federal income tax in the year of conversion, which could rack up a substantial tax bill. However, if […]

Year-End Planning

November 7, 2022

Is a Roth Conversion Right for You?


Estimated Read Time: 4 1/2 minutes Many employee benefits packages provide the usual retirement, vacation, health, vision, dental, basic life, and disability insurance benefits; however, some employers offer additional benefits. There are different benefit programs that can cover a variety of special circumstances. In some instances, they could be exactly what you need. Here are […]

Employer Benefits

October 21, 2022

Taking Full Advantage of Employer-Offered Special Benefits