As a CFP® Professional, we are bound by the fiduciary responsibility to place your interests ahead of our own. This also means that we must do our best to make sure our investment advice is given using accurate and complete information, and that the analysis is as thorough and accurate as possible. As a Registered Investment Advisor, we must adhere to a strict professional code of conduct. We are held to a higher standard than suitability, which means only that advice must be suitable and customized for each client’s needs.

Fiduciary Duty


We do more than portfolio management. We provide a holistic financial planning experience that ensures that your investment strategy is aligned with your personal goals and values. Seasonal Financial Planning is not limited to investing, it’s an in-depth planning process that examines other areas of your financial well-being, such as goal-setting, cash flow management and financial behavior. Once we have a discussion around these areas, we implement an ongoing plan to ensure all your financial goals are met.

Seasonal Financial Planning


As a CPA with expertise in tax, we are always thinking about how certain decisions will affect your income taxes. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNING Professional® we apply our extensive training and experience to create a personalized financial plan to help you reach your long-term goals. Technical knowledge of income taxes and investment strategies that are thoughtfully paired together allow us to provide you with critical tax-efficient financial planning. By integrating our expertise in both disciplines, you can count on competence, objectivity and the highest standard of integrity for your most important financial decisions. Please note that tax filings are through our partner firm, NexJenn CPA, Ltd.  

CPA Financial Planner


As a fee-only financial planner, our fees are based on a fixed fee or percentage of assets under management. We do not receive any commissions or compensation based on product sales, which allows us to be objective when making wealth management recommendations. Our only source of income is from our clients, allowing us to put your needs first by eliminating any conflicts of interest with commission based products. We want you to clearly understand what you are paying for and value the service we are providing, which is why we want our fees to be fair and transparent.



You are not a number. We recognize that you have dreams and a vision for your future which is why we seek to have a deeper understanding of your values, money fears and financial habits when when working with you. We take the time to learn about you and fully understand your financial concerns and desires to ensure your plan is aligned with your life goals.

Financial Life Planning

Planning centered around your goals and values

As the CFO of NexJenn Real Estate, I am acutely aware of the financial needs and nuances of landlords and real estate investors. Incorporating real estate into a retirement plan can be tricky. The accounting and tax rules can make it complicated and confusing, however, many people have rental properties and other real estate investments and want to enjoy the associated income stream to fund their retirement.

Real Estate Expertise

Hands on Experience

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