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Much like taking care of your health, Retirement Income Planning involves regular check-ups with a trusted advisor whose expertise you can rely on.
We start with a COMPREHENSIVE FINANCIAL PLAN to fully understand your financial situation and develop a roadmap to help you achieve your goals. 
We meet 4 times per year, either virtually or in person, to discuss whatever is top of mind as well as the following core areas.

Retirement Income Planning

This core area is about making sure there is enough income to take care of your needs at each stage of retirement. So, whether you want to finally slow down and enjoy or go pursue your passions with full force, you’ll have the resources you need. 

We plan how to manage the cashflow piece. Together, we will unpack the sources for your inflows of income; 401k, IRA, pension plan, annuities, social security, rental real estate, etc. We put your assets to work for you so you can reach your goals. 

Core Area 1: In-depth Retirement Income Planning

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This core area will probably be the most expensive part of your retirement plan. We don’t want to see our clients blindsided or left unprepared. We will plan for medical expenses, Medicare, and long-term care. For those who have real estate, it can be a big part of the plan as well. What will be done with the house? Will you want to downsize or age in place. Are their multiple properties or rental properties? You’ll have someone in your corner who understands the intricacies of real estate and especially from a tax perspective.

Core Area 2: Healthcare & Housing

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With this core area, we will make sure your estate is in order so you can leave a legacy with intention. This also includes a discussion around any charitable wishes. We will make sure your assets complement each other. It is important that your estate is set up so that it passes in the manner which you want it to pass while avoiding any costly mistakes.

Core Area 3: Legacy & Estate Planning

Back to the beginning, please!

Do you find that sometimes the best laid plans don't always get implemented without support and accountability? Do you see the value in having an expert in your corner available to you on a regular basis?
Then ongoing financial coaching could be perfect for you. 

With this engagement you will receive;
  • Regular check-ins to ensure your financial plan is on track with updates as needed.
  • Consultations through financial events and issues that come up throughout the year and reassurance during volatile times.
  • Interactive discussions and actionable items to implement your plan.

Ongoing Financial Coaching

Taxation is weaved throughout all of the core areas of a robust retirement plan. As a Certified Public Accountant, CPA, we can prepare and file your tax return through a collaboration with our partner firm, NexJenn CPA, Ltd. All of our retirement income plans and the ongoing financial coaching relationships incorporate tax planning into the overall process.

Tax-Centric Planning