Investing in real estate can be financially rewarding but the accounting and tax rules can make it complicated. Whether you own a single-family rental property or a multiple unit commercial building, NexJenn CPA Ltd. helps you develop effective strategies to reduce your effective tax rate so you can enjoy the income stream from your real estate. As co-manager of a portfolio of commercial and residential properties, I understand the nuances facing landlords and Buy & Hold Real Estate Investors. 

Real Estate Tax Planning

Incorporating real estate into a retirement plan can be tricky. Often it involves careful tax planning when there are multiple revenue streams from retirement plans, social security and other investments. I work with you to integrate a draw-down strategy with your rental income stream to properly fund your retirement.

Retirement Tax Planning

More often people find themselves in the ‘Sandwich Generation’ where they are caring for an aging relative while supporting their own children. Caregiving responsibilities are challenging and time consuming, and often involve overseeing investments and real estate in addition to day to day caregiving activities. I guide you through the detailed accounting and reporting that is required with these new financial responsibilities.

Trust Accounting and Taxation for Family Caregivers