Estimated Read Time: 5 minutes 45 seconds If you’re a decade or so away from retirement, you’ve probably spent at least some time thinking about this significant life change. How will you manage the transition? Will you travel, take up a new sport or hobby, or spend more time with friends and family? Should you […]

Retirement Planning

November 22, 2022

10 Years and Counting: Approaching Retirement


Estimated Read Time: 5 minutes Quality Charitable Distributions, known as QCDs, are a direct transfer of funds from your retirement account to a qualified charity. QCDs allow you to donate money to a charity of your choice while also excluding the donation from taxable income. This can help lower your taxable income and may reduce […]

Year-End Planning

November 4, 2022

Quality Charitable Distributions (QCDs)


Estimated Read Time: 5 minutes The inability to work due to physical or mental incapacity can be a major problem when you least expect it. Taking advantage of your employer’s sick-leave plan or disability insurance plan can help alleviate some of the risks of the unknown. A sick leave plan can reimburse you for lost […]

Employer Benefits

October 21, 2022

Taking Full Advantage of Employer-Offered Disability Insurance Plans